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    Human Security and Security Strategy

    Місце проведення: Kiev

    Термін проведення: 2011-05-26 - 2011-05-29

    Дедлайн: 2011-01-15

    Jean Monnet International Conference
    Human Security and Security Strategy: Institutions and Policies in a European Perspective
    26 – 29 May 2011, Kiev, Ukraine
    Sponsored by: Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Education and Culture
    Implemented by: International Association for Institutional Studies
    Project Directors
    Dr. Tatyana Malyarenko, Donetsk State Management University, Ukraine
    Prof. Dr. Stefan Wolff, University of Birmingham, UK
    National security policy, and more specifically the nationalising of security policy, has been competing with an increasing recognition that many security problems are transnational in na-ture and can only be tackled in cooperative efforts. Yet, while the EU has given institutional expression to such cooperative efforts, its member states, especially since 9/11 and similar at-tacks in the UK and Spain for example, have to some extent begun to emphasise more strongly the need for a national security policy/strategy/doctrine.
    Against the background of these developments, during this conference we will conduct a thorough analysis of EU security strategy and policy and the national security strategies and policies of the countries of participating scholars. We will examine the process of formulating security strategies and their implementation, the interaction between respective processes at national and EU levels, and the results of security policy implementation in discreet cases.
    Target Audience
    The conference’s participants are young faculty in European Security Studies, post-doctoral and advanced doctoral level students, young practitioners from civil society groups, and policy staff from national governments and international organisations.
    Main Conference Theme: “New Developments in EU Security Strategy”
    Chair: Prof. Stefan Wolff, Professor of International Security, University of Birmingham, UK
    Human Security on Selected European Union Foreign Policy Agendas
    The Development of EU Military Capabilities
    Getting the Balance Right: Military and Civilian Tools of EU Conflict Management
    Working Group 1: “European “Grand Strategy” in a Multipolar World”
    Chair: Prof. Sven Biscop, Director of the Security & Global Governance Programme at Egmont – The Royal Institute for International Relations, Belgium
    The European Neighbourhood Policy and Conflict Resolution
    The EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy: Tools to Preserve the Peace
    The EU, the OSCE and the European Security Architecture
    Unpacking Security Strategy: The European and U.S. Examples
    Working Group 2: Democratic Security Governance in EU Member States and Post-Soviet Countries: Challenges and Opportunities for Security Sector Reform
    Chair: Dr. Tetyana Malyarenko, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law and Social Science, Donetsk State Management University, Ukraine
    European Union and Ukraine: The Problems of Energy and Security
    Security and Illegal Migration in Europe
    Organised Crime and EU Security
    Key Speakers
    Prof. Dr. Sven Biscop, Royal Belgian Institute for International Affairs, Belgium
    Dr. David Görömbölyi, Foreign Ministry of Hungary
    Prof. Dr. Javier Garcia Marin, University of Granada, Spain
    Dr. Sergey Markedonov, Institute for Political and Military Affairs, Russia
    Dr. Tatyana Malyarenko, Donetsk State Management University, Ukraine
    Dr. Stefan Meister, German Council on Foreign Relations, Germany
    Dr. Ekaterina Romanova, Moscow State University, Russia
    Mr. Raivo Sults, Office of the Chancellor of Justice, Estonia
    Prof. Dr. Stefan Wolff, University of Birmingham, UK
    Prof. Dr. Marian Zulean, University of Bucharest, Romania
    Registration and Financial Information
    How to apply: Interested scholars should submit an abstract of no more than 500 words, as well as full contact information and details of their current institutional affiliation and status. This information should be submitted in the body of an email and sent to Tatyana Malyarenko. The organisers particularly encourage early-career researchers and advanced PhD students to apply.
    Deadlines: the deadline for applications is January 15, 2011. Results of the selection process will be announced by February 10, 2011.
    Participation fee and scholarships: There is no participation fee. Accommodation and meals for participants will be organised centrally and should be budgeted at approximately €50-100 per day, including breakfast and lunch. A limited number of full or partial merit-based scholarships are available directly from the International Association for Institutional Studies.
    Please note that we are unable to cover any travel expenses.
    Contact Information
    Project Co-director: Dr. Tatyana Malyarenko, DonSUM, Ukraine
    Project Assistant: Ms. Anna Kharibina